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An entrepreneur is granted an Vorkaufsrecht to have certain tax exempt services treated as taxable, provided that these services are executed for the enterprise of another entrepreneur. As a consequence of the exercise of such Vorkaufsrecht, the customer must Beryllium charged with value added tax, and Eintrag value added tax can be recovered.

Quantity and Durchschuss (customary commercial description) of the goods supplied or volume and type of the other service;

The complete name and address of the performing entrepreneur and of the recipient of the performance;

An enterprise covers the entrepreneur’s entire activity; if several lines of business are operated by an entrepreneur all these activities are combined for value added tax purposes. However, it should be noted that an entrepreneur may also act as a private person, i.e. outside the scope of his enterprise.

If a foreign entrepreneur performs taxable other services, work supplies or supplies of goods specified hinein Attachment 3 to the VATA to another entrepreneur rein Germany, a reverse charge procedure applies pursuant to § 13b VATA. Under this procedure, the foreign entrepreneur is neither obliged to obtain a value added tax registration rein Germany nor to obliged to include the aforementioned turnovers rein a German value added tax return.

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Turnovers are subject to taxation only if the place of their supply is rein domestic territory. Domestic territory is defined as the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany, excluding BüGestehen, the island of Heligoland, free ports and ships and aircraft outside of a customs area.

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A supply is deemed to exist if the right of disposal of goods is transferred, provided that the entrepreneur acts within the scope of his enterprise russisch ubersetzer against consideration.

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